7 Shortcuts to Feeding Your Hungry Family

For some families, the most stressful part of heading back to school is trying to figure out lunches and weeknight dinners.  Thankfully, there are countless convenience services available in Chicago. Many of them even offer promotional codes for free grub!  Check out this list of grocery delivery and food prep services that could help you simplify your meal times this fall:

  1. Peapod: If you’re tired of making a list, packing the kids into the car, getting all the way to the store and realizing you left that list on the counter, Peapod might be for you! You can shop from home and get the groceries dropped off at your door. Check out RetailMeNot for the latest promotions.


  1. Instacart: Need a giant package of toilet paper and 100 juice boxes but can’t get to Costco? Use Instacart!  Instacart is a delivery service for local stores like Binny’s, CVS, Costco, and Jewel Osco. Sometimes life is just too busy for you to get out and run errands.  Let them do it for you.  Check out RetailMeNot for the latest promotions.


  1. EatPurely: EatPurely is a service in Chicago that delivers nutritionally balanced, chef made meals right to your door. All you need to do is warm it in the oven and your family has a fresh, healthy dinner!  For $20 off your first order, use the code StTherese at checkout.


  1. Purple Carrot: Weekly chef created veggie based recipes perfectly portioned and delivered to your door. Purple carrot is a great way to get creative with your meal time and offer your family exciting and healthy plant-based meals.  Use code 25CARROTS at checkout for $25 off.


  1. Blue Apron: Sign up through their site for 3 free meals! Blue Apron is a family friendly meal prep delivery service.  They pre-portion all of their ingredients, so there’s never any food waste.  No need to stress over meal planning.  They do it for you! Blue Apron meals are easy enough for the whole family to make together.


  1. Wise Apple: If your child doesn’t opt into our school’s lunch program and you’re burnt out on making creative, balanced lunches at home, try Wise Apple. It’s a subscription service for delicious and fun children’s lunches!  Your child can have yummy lunches they’ll actually eat, all without the effort! For $20 off of your first two orders, use code STTHERESE at checkout.


  1. Grubhub: Tried and true, grubhub will get food to your door when you just can’t get yourself to open the fridge. You can pull up the app mid gymnastics class, order the family dinner, and your food will be arriving minutes after you get home! For $7 off your first order, click here.