Setting and Meeting High Expectations

Research shows that expectations play a large role in student achievement. Expectations are set high at St. Therese, and with the right encouragement, our students achieve! Here are some ways you encourage your student to meet high expectations.

  1. Be positive! Don’t let low self esteem hold your child back. At St. Therese, we frame our language to discuss “areas to work on” instead of “things you’re bad at.” We focus on how hard a student is working at something, rather than the final grade. Encourage your student by discussing their strengths and how hard they’re working to overcome challenges.
  2. Show up! Attendance is a huge factor in student achievement. If a child is regularly late or misses class, they can struggle to catch up. Every school lesson is important in order to provide a strong foundational knowledge. If you have to miss class, make sure to get any missed material and turn in any missed work.
  3. Set Goals! Work with your child to set achievable goals and celebrate when they’re reached. Don’t dream too big. Goals should be attainable and with every reached milestone, your child will be encouraged to keep growing.
  4. Be Consistent! If you set an expectation for your child, follow through. If you tell them to study for 30 minutes, hold them to it. Discuss how and when you expect them to do homework and do it the same every day. Good study habits lead to high achievement.
  5. Make Time for Fun! Our students study hard, so don’t forget to play hard! Spend quality down time with your child where you can connect over something new together. Your child will remember these fun moments for years to come.

With your loving encouragement and high expectations, any child can achieve. Remember that success takes time and consistency. By making small tweaks in your everyday routine, your child will be on their way to achieving high expectations!